Investing in yourself is a business investment.

Our years of success in building multiple personal care homes and adult day care businesses has inspired us to help others reach their goals. Innovative Senior Solutions will teach personal care home and adult day care business leaders how to start, manage, and grow their own business in the rapidly expanding markets of senior services. Our tiered membership levels allow you to:

  • Select the membership level that best suits the needs of your personal home care or adult day care business, with the option to to change tiers at any time.

  • Access varying levels of tools, resources, and expert advice to help you confidently build and grow your business more quickly and efficiently.

  • Return to membership level tools and materials at any time, with the most access available at Level 3, which includes the full range of benefits from Levels 1 and 2.

Level 1 Membership

Level 1 best suits senior care businesses that need little support launching and managing their business. Level 1 members will benefit from unlimited access to the following:

Level 1 members will benefit from unlimited access to the following:
  • New hire caregiver orientation training
  • Bi-monthly group coaching
  • Masterclass series access

Level 2 Membership

Level 2 is designed for senior care businesses to receive the full value of Level 1 Membership, with additional training benefits to keep your business on track.

Level 2 members will benefit from unlimited access to all content from Level 1, plus the following:
  • Annual required caregiver training
  • Proxy medication caregiver training
  • Expert quarterly training on mindset and business development

Level 3 Membership

Level 3 Membership provides the most value for senior care businesses, with full access to Levels 1 and 2, plus additional personalized benefits.

Level 3 members will benefit from unlimited access to all content from Levels 1 and 2, plus:
  • Reservation for the Annual Senior Care Business Summit (to be held virtually this year due to COVID-19 on May 14-15, 2021)
  • Annual strategic business planning and Q&A session
  • Access to proprietary forms and information 


  • What type of businesses benefit the most from a membership?

    The senior care industry is made from several types of businesses organizations, including but not limited to, personal care homes, adult day care facilities, and more. If your business works in the senior care industry, you will benefit greatly from a membership level. All members receive the most value at a Level 3 membership.

  • Can I switch my membership level once I am enrolled?

    While any member can change their membership level at any time, we encourage new members to begin at Level 3, where they will find the full benefits of membership levels 1 and 2, plus the additional support of personalized business strategy planning and more.

  • Do membership course levels build upon another?

    While membership levels 2 and 3 provide more access than level 1, the courses do not build off of each other. Rather, businesses will receive more access and additional value with a higher membership level.

  • Are memberships for new or existing senior care businesses?

    Both new and existing businesses find the support they need to grow and manage a successful care facility. Because the senior care industry is rapidly expanding, we tailor our training to meet the new and changing demands of running a successful organization.

  • How do I know which membership level is right for me?

    If you’re not sure which membership level best suits your company’s needs, give us a call at 866-409-0582. We’re standing by to answer your questions and help you get started today!

Not ready to commit just yet?

That’s ok! We’re here when you’re ready to invest in the success of your personal care home or adult day care business through any of our membership levels. In the meantime, join our mailing list to receive news, updates, and the latest from Innovative Senior Solutions.